Purple Martin is the name of a beautiful dark blue bird, that has many common attributes with our company.  

The Purple Martins are known for gracing gardens with color and organic free mosquitoes control. People innovate to attract them to their backyards to eat the mosquitoes. Theirs songs and calls are a distinctive, low-pitched, liquid, rolling twitter. Sitting back and watching their antics throughout the day is a pleasant and relaxing past time. In fact, in time, you'll catch yourself spending more and more time watching and enjoying them. Moreover, they are social creatures that live in large flocks.

This brightly colored bird spends much of its time in flight. It does not rest when searching for and eating food. It eats and drinks while in flight. At flight speeds of up to 45 miles per hour, the purple martin could teach a thing or two about multi-tasking. Truly a case of eating on the run.

The purple martin can fly beautifully, directly out of the box. Flying is not easy. It requires much skill, but the purple martin chick does it the first time. Adult martins will make sure he practices awhile, that first time out, but he knows how to do it.

Purple Martins may be small in size, but these small songbirds can fly like the wind. They cover more than 300 miles a day on their annual migrations.

They have broad wings and are known for their soaring ability. Even while flying at very high altitudes, Purple Marin will amazingly forage mosquitoes at the ground level.

The somewhat-stiffened tail and long curved toenails of Purple Martins are structural adaptations enabling them to cling vertically to the trunks of trees.